10 mayo 2010

The viewer

The viewer a gift, normally is born with, true Viewer the Natural ones, are those that are born with this gift, are the viewers that by means of the Mancias calls can see part of the future, studying during all their life. Meduiante the videncia has been solved many subjects, Viewer the Natural one, normally does not realize it until it begins to understand his gifts, but someday you know a person that are Viewer Natural, certainly you will not notice it, can be alongside yours.

How to do a work with candles

How to do a work with candles Instructions: 1. - You only can use a candle by work or consults. 2. - The candle with phosphorus with lighter never Ignites. 3. - Each work must go accompanied with a type of oration or mantra, according to desire. 4. - You always must use incense. 5. - You must do it in a private and quiet place, for concentrarte. 6. - Your table must be cover with cotton fabric. For the love always you must use a pink candle, it is goes to us to approach the loved being and for all those relations in which the affective plane has force. This color symbolizes the unions and reconciliations, jealousy, love and lack of affection, passions and forgetfulness, everything what it must see or reach a harmony and a balance of our heart. This candle is ligature to the goddess Aphrodite, the goddess of the love, waking up these candles the sensuality working like aphrodisiac.


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